The Green Hat That Blew Away

The Green Hat That Blew Away is published by:
Arthur Publishing House

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Now available in big book form as a teacher resource for pre-school and junior-primary.

Readers Comments:

“This story is really vivid. It is really from Solomons and I am sure the kids will love it.”

Wryne Bennett
Gizo Primary Schools, Western Province Solomon Islands. 

“I read it to my class of New Entrants They loved the story, and it generated wonderful ‘silly stories’ with imaginative endings.”

Andrea Menhinick
New Entrant Teacher Katikati

“I tested it on the ultimate critical audience. Marley is 4 years old and very attracted by screen….i-pod, i-pod images-however he loved the book and asked lots of questions about it, pointed out detail in the illustrations and carried it around with him for several days.”

Barbara Lambourn

The Green Hat That Blew Away and A Day of Surprises

“Young readers anywhere should be interested to learn that children elsewhere may arrive at a slightly different-looking school by canoe.”