Walter’s Story

Walter’s story is about a boy born in East Germany, after World War Two, who is indoctrinated by his Russian school teacher.

His father is twice wrongly imprisoned by the state police.

How will the family escape to West Germany?


Walter’s Story is published by: Arthur Publishing House

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Readers Comments:

Hi Claire, I just thought Walter’s Story was excellent! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it – it’s got just the right amount of suspense without falling into the trap of being formulaic. I don’t think it’s really a children’s book – as an adult I found it totally engaging and it gave me great insight into what it would have been like living in E Germany.

Val Leverson
Features reporter NZ Herald, former sub-editor, now Counsellor specializing in Grief Counselling.

I am still impressed about Walter’s story. You did profound researches and investigations about the situation in East Germany after the war…

Volker Z
The original inspiration for Walter, and now in his 70th year, living in Germany.

What a wonderful book you wrote. You have huge talent & must be proud of being “published”.

Jackie Morton,
Book Club, Birdingbury, Warwickshire

Finished reading. Walter found the man he called grandpa was really his papa. You are very imaginative and original. I don’t think Volker could have told you enough to compose such thrilling story.

Chief Samuel Ibegbu Ijioma

“It is very kind of you to send me a copy of your book. I am finding it fascinating.
In the year before the Benin camp,I had spent 6 weeks in East Germany through the AFSC at a work-camp in Gera. It was a strange place, and somewhat sinister. I spent a night under arrest because I had wandered into a restricted area – till the Free German Youth (FDJ) (our hosts) arranged my release.
Keep on writing!!”

Prof Jonathan Chick (UK)
Medical Director, Castle Craig Hospital, Scotland


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